An Introduction to Songcamp

Oh, hi! 👋

Welcome to Songcamp. We are so very happy you’ve dropped by.

Songcamp is a web3 laboratory experimenting at the edges of music and the new internet.

We run month-long cohort projects called camps. A camp looks a lot like the birth child of a songwriting camp + web3 hackathon.

Each camp brings together new artists, songwriters, producers and hackers from all over the world. Together, they collaborate on music, visual art, and an NFT rollout for it all.

Mirror (this very website) has acted as the primary space for us to share our story. The following is a contextualized list of the essays, crowdfunds and NFT auctions we’ve published here:

In March of 2021, Songcamp was born.

Our very first camp, “Camp Genesis”, kicked off shortly after.

After Camp Genesis, we took a few weeks to restore our energy and prepare for camp 2. During this time, we ran some fun experiments on our Monday Heartbeat Calls:

In the summer of 2021, we kicked off our second camp aka Camp Elektra:

In the Fall, we kicked off a new stream in Songcamp called minicamps -- week-long songwriting competitions for a chance to win a coveted web3 placement:

Throughout all of this, we’ve met every single Monday on our discord’s Squad Phone. These call are the very heartbeat of Songcamp. Come through the Songcamp Discord to learn more about what were up to, and how to get involved in the next camp.

Plenty more is on its way. You can also keep up with us on Twitter here.

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