The Elektra Crowdfund

Update: We are absolutely blown away with the support on this project — thank you to all! The Crowdfund is now closed.

Songcamp Elektra is made up of 42 musicians, visual artists, developers and strategists. Together we are building “Elektra”an interactive choose-your-own-adventure web3 game with music at its core.

To play the game, you need to secure a Portal Ticket NFT in the crowdfund below.

The funds raised through this crowdfund will go entirely towards bringing this project to life.

As this project evolves, the lines between creator and audience will blur. Game builders will play the game they are building; and game players will build the game they are playing. The $ELEKTRA token will come to establish the contribution graph of this project, and once the camp is finished — the ElektraDAO will be born.

The Portal to Elektra Is Now Open -- Secure Your Ticket NFT

A portal has opened to another world. A world called Elektra. To access the portal, you must secure a Portal Ticket NFT.

Once secured, enter the Portal to Elektra here.

There are a total of 6 Portal Ticket NFTs available.

Each ticket gives you access to a different Portal Entry Point, and thus each ticket brings you to a different starting point in the game. This means that those with different Portal Tickets will work together to accomplish their collective mission.

In securing your Portal Ticket, you will also receive $ELEKTRA tokens — the currency native to Elektra. You will need these tokens to complete your mission.

  1. The Hieroglyphic Ticket: 1 of 1. Awarded to the 1st place backer.

  2. The Ultrasonic Ticket: 1 of 1. Awarded to the 2nd place backer.

  3. The Eternal Ticket: 1 of 1. Awarded to the 3rd place backer.

  4. The Phi Ticket: Edition of 10. Secured at 1 ETH.

  5. The Psi Ticket: Edition of 50. Secured at 0.3 ETH.

  6. The Chi Ticket: Edition of 200. Secured at 0.1 ETH.

Secure your Portal Ticket below

Once you've got it, enter the Portal to Elektra here.

You will receive 100 $ELEKTRA for every 0.1 ETH contributed. You can contribute as much ETH as you'd like above the minimum NFT price. You can also contribute more than once. The top 3 backers will win the Podium NFTs.

Patron podium
When the crowdfund ends, the top three backers are awarded a unique NFT. Take the lead and become a top three backer by contributing.
Time Remaining
If a contribution is placed within the last 15 minutes and changes the podium positions, the time is reset to 15 minutes.
First Place
Second Place
Third Place

The Story Of Elektra

Once healthy and thriving, the world of Elektra has since turned desolate and barren.

On Elektra, music is energy. Music is the fuel, electricity, and light of the world.

Centuries ago, Elektra had a thriving civilization with a deep rooted sense of value towards art. But soon, motives around greed and self-interest took over, and the music that powered this world was lost.

Your mission is to travel to Elektra, and help us collectively revive, restore and reignite this once beautiful world back to health.

Will you accept your mission?

What is Songcamp Elektra?

Songcamp Elektra is the second experiment created by Songcamp — a community of musicians, artists and strategists with a deep interest in learning what happens when music and the new internet crash into each other.

Songcamp acts a lot like a web3 laboratory — experimenting at the far out edges of how web3 tools and tech can affect positive change in the lives and work of artists.

The Songcamp Elektra project is made up of ~42 artists, devs, project ops and strategists working together to bring this world to life. This crowdfund intends to raise the funds that will enable us to do just that.

Crowdfund Details

  • 90% to the Elektra project

  • 10% to Portal Tickets visual team

We will use 90% of the amount raised to put towards the Elektra project.

These funds will go toward the core team of project managers, web developers, artists and strategists working directly on the project. Other costs include transaction fees on the Ethereum blockchain, web hosting and file storage. We intend to save a portion of these funds to act as the seed money in standing up the ElektraDAO once this initial phase of the project is complete (more on that below).

The remaining 10% will go directly to the artists who created the Portal Ticket visuals.

Phase 1: Songcamp Elektra + The Elektra NFT Vault

Songcamp Elektra will run for 4 weeks, until the first week of August.

Once through the portal, you will begin your journey. You will work with other players to move through this foreign land, discover more about the history of Elektra, and find your way to victory.

If successful, you will unlock the help you need — the people and items along the way that will help you accomplish your mission. Remember, it is music that powers the world of Elektra. Luckily, you’ll have a lot of talented musicians to help along the way. You too may be summoned to assist in the music creation (should you wish to of course). :)

At times during the camp, 1-of-1 NFTs will be released. A 20% share of the proceeds from collected NFTs will go towards the ElektraDAO, while a select few of the NFTs will be placed in the Elektra Vault.

Phase 2: ElektraDAO + The $ELEKTRA Token

We will build a world, and own that world together.

Upon purchasing your Portal Ticket NFT, you will also receive a portion of $ELEKTRA tokens based on the amount contributed. You will receive 100 $ELEKTRA for every 0.1 ETH you contribute to the crowdfund.

The project will retain 75% of $ELEKTRA’s supply, and distribute the majority to artists, devs, project ops and strategists working directly on the project. The remaining amount will be used to create bounty rewards for the wider network, as well as vest a portion in the treasury.

As this project evolves, the lines between creator and audience will blur. Game builders will also play the game they are building; and game players will also help build the game they are playing.

By the end, we will have a community of contributors to the Elektra project that all hold $ELEKTRA tokens based on their contribution levels. At this point, we will have exited to community — and the project will be owned and governed by $ELEKTRA token holders.

Then What?

Well, then it’s up to the network.

The ElektraDAO will have created an incredibly strong backbone:

  1. A core group of musicians, visual artists, devs, project ops, strategists and backers with sharp coordination and collaboration skills — plus an overflowing level of squad energy.

  2. 1-of-1 NFTs from the Elektra story secured in the DAO’s vault.

  3. A flow of royalties from the artwork created in-camp.

We then have the exciting opportunity to collectively decide what to do with all this.

Some early ideas: make more art together, continue evolving the world and story of Elektra, experiment with and carve out new paths to monetization and value realization for the art we’ve created, or our personal favourite…

Broadway, here we come.

Once you've secured your Portal Ticket, enter the Portal to Elektra:

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