Log 1: Welcome to Elektra

You have just landed on Elektra’s surface to find it in complete ruins.

Amidst the rubble, there are all sorts of technological devices unlike anything back on Earth. Most of them are clearly destroyed. But one of the devices you come upon seems to still function.

You turn it on. There is a message on it. A new one...

“Recording 17AV — logged 37 minutes ago.”

You press play...

Collecting this 1/1 NFT also includes:

  • A gift of 1000 $ELEKTRA

  • Access to the ELEKTRA interactive web3 game on Discord

  • One (1) invitation to Songcamp's Patron House -- a dedicated space for patrons of 1/1 Songcamp NFTs to receive deep + intimate access into the growing Songcamp community and activities.

Level 2 of The Elektra Game has begun

The world of Elektra needs your help. She is not what she once was. She is in ruins. Destroyed and empty. Barren.

Once thriving, the world of Elektra cultivated its energy through sound — through the creative energy of music. The trees and winds and oceans depended on it.

But changes came. Ugly ones. Visions of profit and efficiency, of toiling the land for selfish ideals. Excavating everything possible. And the world that once was fell into darkness. The music leaked out of this world. And was no longer replenished by the artists who lived here. They were put to work for profit.

Then came the Great Night — as the energy of music leaked out of the world, so too did its greenery and sun. The planet became covered in a sand-like wind, a bleak flattened land of ruins and ash.

We have arrived here in a moment of absolute urgency. There is little time left to save this planet from extinction.

If you own a Portal Ticket and $ELEKTRA tokens, join in now.

For those who have already started Level 2 on the Elektra Discord, be sure to get your vote in on where we should go next by Thursday July 29 at 6pm ET.

The Future Is Upon Us

We are in the very early days of a creative revolution.

Technology moves art forward. The advent of photography moved painters away from portraits and into impressionist work. Recording technologies moved musicians into novel domains of performance, giving rise to entirely new genres of music.

Today we are seeing technologies reshape creativity from every angle. The ability to create art digitally — be it visual or sonic — is becoming easier and less expensive by the day. A technology like TikTok is giving rise to new forms of creation, giving remixing a whole new meaning. We are also just beginning to glimpse the universe of creativity that will pour out of virtual and augmented reality.

All of this fittingly coincides with the proliferation of technologies that we have packaged into the term Web 3.0.

The Web 3 tech stack is still in its infancy. But it is pointing to a world where we can create complex systems of coordination, attribution, monetization and ownership — while abstracting a lot of that complexity away from the end user.

This means that in time — and through a lot of experimentation and iteration — we will become a whole lot better at working with each other on highly complex and creative work.

In short, we will get very good at building worlds together.

Songcamp Elektra is an early experiment to this end. Together, we are building Elektra — an interactive world with music at its core. Through audiovisual artwork and songs, we are telling the story of a world called Elektra, which depends on music for its survival.

The Elektra DAO Experiment

Through the use of NFTs and a fungible token in $ELEKTRA, we are able to collectively monetize and own the world we are building together.

Two weeks ago, we launched a crowdfund here on Mirror to fund the Elektra project. Backers received both a Portal Ticket NFT and $ELEKTRA. These tokens allow them to participate in the interactive elements of the Elektra world — which work a lot like an escape game on Discord and the elektra.camp website.

A 75% share of the $ELEKTRA token was retained by the project, the majority of which will go towards the camp participants working to create Elektra. Once Phase 1 of the Elektra project is complete in mid-August, these tokens will be airdropped to creators based on their contributions — and the Elektra DAO will be born.

The DAO’s mission is to continue to develop and steward the artwork and intellectual property created in building Elektra. This framework for collective decision making will allow for a distributed group of contributors with dynamic skin in the game to have a voice on how this world continues to grow and realize value.

The power that comes from collective ownership is what will fuel the creative revolution we are now peering into. It will afford us the ability to create and inhabit the imaginative landscapes we want, and find new avenues to sustainability in our creative work.

In time, it will not be Hollywood that makes our most popular movies. We will make our own.

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