The Songs Are Coming...

We must save Elektra.

In the faraway world of Elektra, music is energy. And it is dying.

Luckily, a brave group of explorers — nay, warriors — grabbed Portal Tickets one month ago and jumped through the Portal to Elektra to help save her from extinction.

Since then, they have been journeying through the world of Elektra and learning about its history. They've also managed to collect 3 Energy Capsules along their way.

Today, these brave warriors have unlocked 3 songs that were hidden on Elektra by a mysterious group called The Zeph. These songs have been placed into the Energy Capsules, which is the first big step in saving Elektra from extinction!

We now have the honor of getting to know some of the mysterious members of The Zeph, and get a small taste of the divine sonic masterpieces they hid in this world.

These 3 songs will premiere on auction as 1/1 Catalog NFTs, Monday August 16th at 4pm ET. Join us on Songcamp's Discord phone for the release party!

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Ame Ra - “Crash Desire”

Ame Ra is an androgynous being looking something like this. They are very energetic and outgoing and unafraid to jump into the fight. They are energy, feeling, action, and being in the moment.

INSPIRED BY: Motion, Impulse, and Pure Energy.

Ame Ra's "Crash Desire" is created by Bronze Avery, Haich Ber Na and Troels Abrahamsen.

AME RA Capsule visual credits:
Capsule Model by Porke
3D Render & AE composite by Metsä
Capsule internal concept by JGAP, Mel & Metsä
Log by Mel & Metsä
Type overlay by Peace Node & Mel
Final composition animation / export by Metsä

Water Signs - “Don’t Worry”

The Water Signs are a set of orphaned twins who were discovered on Elektra. They are relatively younger members of the Zeph. They have never spoken, and only communicate to themselves and others through music. Initially they were coddled and talked down to as they were mistaken as lost and weak due to their silence. Through their music they eventually demanded respect and are now valued as some of the strongest, most capable members of the Zeph. Upon leaving Elektra they devoted themselves to creating music that encourages others to communicate their truth in whatever medium they wish.

INSPIRED BY: Communicating truth confidently.

Water Signs' "Don't Worry" is created by Kathleen Regan, Tyler Lombard and Yuri Beats.

Water Signs Capsule visual credits:
Capsule Model by Porke
3d Render and Animation by Metsä
Capsule Contents illustration by Private Woman
Capsule Contents animated by Ivana
Type Design by Peace Node

Finch-3S - “Outer Boroughs”

Finch is a member of the Zeph who cloned himself and sent the clones to different planets/timelines in the hopes that they would be able to garner the unique experiences of each planet’s inhabitants, and create music to bring back and restore Elektra. Finch-3S was assigned to Earth, hence the inspiration and connection to the human experience on Earth. He looks like an average human male.

INSPIRED BY: The human experience, Earth culture.

Finch-3S's "Outer Boroughs" is created by Will Juergens, Mars Today and Walker Rockets.

Finch-3S Capsule visual credits:
Capsule Model, 3D Render & AE composite by Porke
Capsule Contents and animation by Matt Lebeau
Oscilloscope animation by Matt Lebeau
Logo touch up and lock up by [Peace Node (
Final composition animation / export by [Metsä]
3d Render and Animation by Metsä

The Elektra Songs Auction begins today at 4pm ET at

Collecting one of these 1/1 Catalog NFTs also includes:

  • A gift of 1000 $ELEKTRA
  • One (1) invitation to Songcamp's Patron House -- a dedicated space for patrons of 1/1 Songcamp NFTs to receive deep + intimate access into the growing Songcamp community and activities.

When the camp concludes at the end of this week — the Elektra DAO will be born.

The Elektra DAO will steward the continued development and distribution of the Elektra story, artwork and game.

$ELEKTRA will act as the governing token to make those collective decisions.

The Elektra DAO is scheduled to activate at the beginning of September 2021.

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