Minicamp 01: The Official Seed Club Podcast Intro Music

At Songcamp, we run “Camps” — cohorted projects that test out different ideas around music making, collective creation and distribution.

So far, we've run 2 camps:

  • Camp Genesis — a group of 13 musicians, visual artists and project operatives created 3 songs, cover artwork and an innovative NFT rollout.
  • Camp Elektra — a group of 42 artists, devs and project operatives came together to create a pop-up production house + songwriting camp. Over two months, they built out the interactive story, art and world of Elektra -- a faraway planet where music is the ultimate source of energy. This resulted in a lore-based NFT crowdfund, an audio-visual telling of the Elektra story through multiple NFTs, and the release of 3 incredible songs that would help save the dying world of Elektra. Oh..and Elektra is now spinning out into its own DAO to continue building out the world.

All that to say, we've been busy. These projects take a lot of curation, container building and coordination. So recently we thought about how we could get a new stream going in Songcamp that could have a bit of a quicker, more inclusive flow.

Enter Minicamps.

Minicamps are week-long songwriting competitions for a chance to win a coveted web3 placement. Anyone can enter a minicamp, and you can create your submitted piece inidividually or within a group.

For our very first Minicamp, we partnered up with our best frens Seed Club to create the theme song for their brand new Club Podcast.

Minicamp 01: Seed Club Podcast Intro Music

Participants had exactly one week to create + submit a short piece of music to become Seed the Club Podcast intro. 31 songs were submitted! Then the team over at Seed Club had 4 days to choose their top 3 faves.

The three podium positions each won a bounty of some ETH, while the first place winner took home the grand prize of 1ETH + named the official Club Podcast theme song.


Flower Boiz aka greydient, Hvdson and Future Trees with their song Flower Seeds. Give it a listen below:


In second place is Will Juergens with the soulful "Leveling" [listen here].


Third place goes to Hyperflora with the stunning "searchbar" [listen here].

Minicamp 02: Sooooon...

We've got more Minicamps on the way, and plenty more lined up for Songcamp this Fall! Jump into our Discord, poke around and join our weekly heartbeat calls every Monday att 4pm ET on the squad phone.

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