Announcing Sessions Vol. 1: A New Series Of Releases From The Songcamp Community

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We are excited to unveil a new community songwriting and release system called Sessions. Each Session brings together 3 or more musicians from the Songcamp community, giving them one month to create and finish a song together. A season of Sessions singles are packaged together into a volume, with cohesive branding and a rollout plan designed by Songcamp’s creative team.


We are building Sessions to create a sustainable process around the atomic layer of our camps: musicians writing great songs together. While our highly collaborative and innovative camps have been an incredible playground for creative ideas to crash into each other, they’ve also involved a lot of participants and scope — which means they take a ton of time. Sessions is our attempt at creating a simple and repeatable co-writing and release mechanic such that many more collaborations can come out of our ecosystem on a regular basis.

Sessions Vol. 1

Sessions Vol. 1 will feature the first 5 Sessions, highlighting the incredible collaborative talent of 18 musicians out of the Songcamp network. Each song will come out as a standalone single on a 3-week rolling basis — with releases on July 27, August 17, September 7, September 28 and October 19.

This first volume will be released onchain via Sound, as well as on streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. This will be the first time we include streaming in our release mix, marking a new era in our pursuit to unlock more cohesive and resonant music release models on today’s internet.

While the plan is to build bespoke onchain release mechanics for futrure Sessions — as well as a more productized flow for the entire Sessions curation & onboarding funnel — this first campaign has been focused on building out the coordinational, legal and financial rails to make frequent collaborative releases possible for both onchain and offchain destinations.

“We see this as our first attempt at answering the question ‘what does it mean to release music on the internet in the 21st century?” says Matthew Chaim, founder & creative director at Songcamp. “Thus far that has meant entirely disjointed rollouts for both ‘music nft land’ and ‘spotify land’. We’re interested in breaking these barriers down, not releasing music ‘onchain’ or ‘offchain’. We just want to release music on the internet — fully and cohesively so.”

Debut Single ‘Heavy Calm’ Coming July 27

‘Heavy Calm’ is the debut single off of Sessions Vol. 1.

Created by Kinney, Mars Today, and Matthew Chaim, ‘Heavy Calm’ is a soulful, folksy indie pop record with pitched down vocals and vivid lyrics that melt out of your speakers like butter. Coming out on streaming and next Thursday July 27 2023. Get notified right when ‘Heavy Calm’ is released here.

Kinney — Lead Vocals & Writer on ‘Heavy Calm’

Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

“Best part about making heavy calm was getting to see the brilliance of both Matt and Mars; how they work and think about poetry and music. Good vibes the whole way over like a heavy calm.” — Kinney

Mars Today — Producer, Writer & Mixer on ‘Heavy Calm’

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“Going into this project my main goal was simply to make something that Matthew, Kinney and I would all love objectively as listeners. Our tastes are varied but overlap in some special places, "Heavy Calm" hits a lot of those notes with moments of deep bass and pitched down vocals to bring a touch of modernism into what is in essence, a folksy secular song with church-like influences.” — Mars Today

Matthew Chaim — Vocals & Writer on ‘Heavy Calm’

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“Working with Megan and Mark was magical. This song came together like butter. An absolute pleasure.” — Matthew Chaim

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