Welcome to Songcamp

Songcamp is an artist collective and creative studio experimenting with onchain technology to unlock new ways of creating and releasing music on the internet.

We believe music can be much more creatively contextualized, distributed and valued online. We also believe that songwriting camps present a unique framework to bring this vision into reality.


Songwriting camps enable artists to stretch into yet unseen realms of their own artistry, as they crash into fresh ideas and people in new and inspiring settings. But all too often, the beautiful artifacts of such an experience — the songs themselves — don’t make it out into the world. They get stuck in the music industry. Emerging onchain technologies offer us novel sandboxes to play in. We can reimagine how art gets released, how rights and royalties are structured amongst a group, and — most importantly — we can explore new ways to define and capture value for our work. Suddenly, collectively releasing the collaboratively created music from a songwriting camp becomes a lot more natural.

Our mission is to unlock the power and beauty of songwriting camps through the enabling forces of emergent technology.

Through the practice of running experimental songwriting camps, we are cultivating a meaningful network of musicians, artists and cultural supporters with a shared intent and curiosity for the possibilities at the nexus of music and the new internet. The shared knowledge, experience and creativity across this growing community is nothing short of remarkable.

We envision a future where musicians are able to plug in and out of pop-up collectives, songwriting camps, and headless bands — adding their unique styles to these networks as they form. We see a world where internet-native rights, royalties and accreditation can flow as smoothly as the music itself.

Welcome to Songcamp.

Here’s a look at what we’ve done so far, and what’s coming next…


Our flagship experiments are called Camps, and we run them about once per year. Each camp brings together a cohort of musicians, visual artists, engineers and storytellers. Over a period of a few weeks or months, this group of multidisciplinary artists collaboratively creates a wildly creative and experimental music project. The body of work is then released as an onchain collection through an immersive experience on the internet.

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Labs are member-initiated and run experiments within our community. Some of the projects were born during or in the wake of Camps, others began independently. Many of them are the results of community brainstorming on our weekly Heartbeat call. Our Labs have given birth to a discord bot, an onchain community record shop, a SuperRare gallery and more.

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Sessions is a new program coming out of Songcamp late Summer 2023. With Sessions, we are taking the atomic unit of our Camps — music collaboration — and turning it into its own experiment. Each Session brings together 3 musicians from the Songcamp community and gives them one month to write and finish a song together. Sessions will be released as stand-alone singles across both onchain and traditional channel. Coming soon™ — stay connected with us to to hear more.

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Whether it’s our weekly Heartbeat call - which has been running every Monday for over 100 Mondays - or other monthly gatherings, you can now RSVP and enter our Community Events directly from our website.

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Since 2021, we've had 108 artists come together from all over the world via our virtual songwriting-camp-hackathons to co-create magical works of art tied to experimental onchain release models. 3 camps in, and we're just getting started.

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Welcome to Songcamp, we’re glad that you’re here.

Stay connected with us on Twitter, Instagram, Discord and now at song.camp where you can subscribe to our newsletter and RSVP to one of our upcoming Heartbeat Calls — the best place to say hello and get a sense of who we are. :)

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