Songcamp to release Camp 4 Collection aka “C4"

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ETHEREUM, Internet – Through curated online songwriting camps and innovative onchain music releases, Songcamp has established itself as a pioneering force in Web3 music. Their previous 3 camps have been featured in Billboard, TIME, Water & Music and Interdependence – driving over 500 ETH in NFT sales and splitting revenues instantaneously with the 100+ participating artists. This December, Songcamp introduces us to C4 – the 4th chapter in their ever-expanding series of experiments at the edges of music collaboration & onchain creativity.


The C4 Songwriting Camp

15 musicians • 3 weeks • 5 incredible songs

C4 is made up of a diverse and deeply-talented cohort of 15 producers, vocalists and instrumentalists – from seasoned onchain music pioneers to those taking their very first steps in web3, from grammy-awarded and nominated artists to those in the early stages of their music careers. Get to know the C4 Artist Lineup.

Keyon Christ, Upper Reality, Alan Lili, Forrest Mortifee, Iman Europe, Three Oscillators, mark johns, Alvaro Delgado, Kathleen Regan, PHINISEY, Jon Waltz, GRL, Rabbit, Nate Fox, Reo Cragun
Keyon Christ, Upper Reality, Alan Lili, Forrest Mortifee, Iman Europe, Three Oscillators, mark johns, Alvaro Delgado, Kathleen Regan, PHINISEY, Jon Waltz, GRL, Rabbit, Nate Fox, Reo Cragun

The musicians were split into 5 groups of 3. Over the course of three weeks each group wrote, produced, recorded and mixed a song from scratch together. The results are 5 amazing songs that will be released as the C4 EP on streaming platforms and onchain via a custom music NFT tech-stack designed & built by Songcamp Studio.


The C4 Collection

Mint blank CDs • Listen to music • Write to disc

Songcamp aims to create listening and minting experiences for music lovers that feel altogether new and exciting. It is with this intention that, for C4, Songcamp Studio built a custom tech stack that brings together music, generative visual art, smart contracts, and a dash of 1990s nostalgia. It all revolves around an action that we used to know and love: burning CDs.

The idea is quite simple…

Step 1: Mint Blank CDs

Upon releasing the C4 songs at, listeners will be invited to mint blank CDs. Each blank CD is an ERC-721 token with the exact same artwork – a glimmering silver disc with templated iconography referencing the classic look of CD-Rs we used to burn music onto. These blank CDs do not have any audio on them yet, and each CD has enough memory to hold 1 song.


Step 2: Write to Disc

People will then be able to write to their disc. Upon listening to the 5 songs from the C4 songwriting camp, they can select 1 to write to their disc. This will inscribe that song onto their disc. Each CD can hold up to 1 song, but people can write to multiple discs at once.


Writing to disc has 2 functions: it both inscribes your song choice onto your disc, as well as creates a generative CD artwork based on your song choice. Upon writing to disc, your unique wallet address, your song choice, and the token ID all act as input variables to produce real-time generative p5.js CD artwork. This means that each CD you write to evolves into a 1-of-1 unique art piece, with your song choice now written into its memory. Even if you write the same song to multiple CDs, each one’s visual component will be entirely unique.


Note: we are using the action term “write to disc” instead of “burning CDs”, since the term “burning” has an entirely different connotation with regards to NFTs. To burn an NFT means to destroy it.

Songcamp Studio commissioned generative artist and creative coder reelaesthete to create the p5.js generative canvas that would become the CD artwork.

The C4 Mint

Blank CDs will start minting on 1 December 2023 at 5:00pm ET for 0.01 ETH per CD.

The mint will be open for exactly 7 days, at which point it will close for good. There is also a maximum supply capacity of 15,000 CDs written into the contract. If the max is reached before the 7-day mint window expires, the mint will close early. Collectors can mint as many CDs as they like, so long as the total doesn’t exceed the contract’s capacity.

Writing to disc is an onchain action, thus it will cost a small gas fee. Collectors can batch as many blank CDs as they own into one write to disc transaction.

The C4 contract will be deployed on Zora Network, and will thus benefit from much quicker transaction times and lower gas fees than Mainnet Ethereum. While the Songcamp app will have cross-chain transactions enabled, it is recommended that collectors bridge ETH to Zora before the Dec 1 release date.

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Mint the artwork in this essay on Zora

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