What is Camp Chaos?

Camp Chaos is an 8-week experiment at the edges of music + the new internet, powered by Songcamp.

It is one-half songwriting camp, one-half web3 hackathon.

What we are building is a headless artist called Chaos — who will release their debut body of work as a collection of NFTs.

The songwriting camp works as follows:

45 musicians from around the world are split into 15 bands of 3.

Each band has two weeks to write, produce, record and mix a song. Once these two weeks conclude, the 45 artists are reshuffled into 15 new bands of 3. They again have two weeks to start + finish a new song from scratch. After these two weeks are up, we run it back one last time — 15 new bands are created, and they have a final two weeks to make a record together.

The results? 45 musicians will have collectively created 45 songs in 6 weeks. Every musician will have been part of 3 bands, and thus 3 songs.

Camp Chaos — The Songwriting Camp Framework
Camp Chaos — The Songwriting Camp Framework

We call each of these two-week periods an "Act":

  • "Act I: Order" → Weeks 1+ 2
  • "Act II: Disorder" → Weeks 3 + 4
  • "Act III: Entropy" → Weeks 5 + 6
  • "Act IV: Rebirth" → Weeks 7 + 8 (more details on Act IV soon™)

15 songs are born in each of the first 3 Acts. You might consider each Act as its own "Album" — if we were to use traditional music-packaging parlance. But really, all of this collective creation adds up to Chaos — an artist created by no one in particular, but rather by a murmuration of artists, virtually communing from around the globe.

The first 6 weeks of Camp Chaos are broken down into 3 Acts.
The first 6 weeks of Camp Chaos are broken down into 3 Acts.

There's a whole lot else happening in this 8-week camp, including some deeply experimental plans on the web3 hackathon side of things. But we'll leave those for another day...

If you'd like to learn more right now, we'd recommend diving into Episode 1 of Chaos Radio — an in-camp podcast documenting the going ons of Camp Chaos in real time.

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